Tutoring Portal

Click on the graphic below. Doing so will launch the Virtual Classroom application where the tutoring session will take place. The presentation includes video, audio, and document sharing. Depending on your web browser's security settings you may get a message that the browser has blocked a file download. This message should appear towards the top of the browser window, normally in a bar that looks like this:

If this happens, click on the message and select "download file" 

Important Information!!!!!

You will be prompted to provide a username before you are signed into the virtual classroom. Please use your first initial, last name, and your school day's color. like this

JSmith Orange

It is MANDATORY that students who wish to use a microphone also use headphones at all times during online tutoring sessions. Failure to do so will result in your removal from the session.

Notice: Online tutoring sessions are recorded for future use in training. Your presence in the session constitutes your permission to use your recorded image and voice.