The JATC Facility

The JATC holds its apprenticeship program in its state-of-the-art facilities. The training facility contains some unique features.
  • Visible Equipment - the actual equipment that powers the building is visible so that apprentices can see first hand the type of systems they will be working with during their on the job training.
  • Simulations - A simulated “street” has been placed in the hallway, which showcases poles and associated equipment.
  • AV Systems - classrooms are equipped with high-tech audio-visual systems that allow instructors to call up presentations on the spot and podcast their presentations over the internet.
  • Solar Panels - the JATC recently installed solar panels that provide power to the building in addition to serving as a training device.
  • Manhole - all apprentices attend confined spaces training in an actual manhole, located in the JATC’s Manassas facility.