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4/12/10 - 11:48 AM
Jeanine Jones
What are the odds of keeping employment upon completeion of the apprenticeship? Will you have to find a job once you graduate or is it likely your last apprenticeship employer may keep you?
4/12/10 - 1:08 PM
Sean Myers
Although the Local cannot gaurantee work (no one can...) the vast majority of members enjoy regular employment. That is not to say that there are not layoffs, but when a member is laid off, he or she reports to the hall and is sent back out to work in the order in which he or she arrived. No one can predict whether or not an employer will be so impressed with a graduating apprentice's work ethic and skills that they would opt to keep you, but I can safely say that it is a very common occurance (normal in fact). Remember, one of the main advantages of belonging to a Union is that there is no need to "re-prove" your self if you are laid off. When you are given a referral for a new job by the Local Union, you go back out at your normal rate of pay with the same benfits you enjoyed at your previous employer. There is no "hitting the want ads" and taking a pay cut "until we see what you have to offer".

Hope that helps.
4/12/10 - 1:11 PM
Sure does. Thank you very much!

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