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When is my interview?

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5/18/10 - 9:21 AM
So I received the letter saying that I passed my test, but I haven't heard anything about an interview. How long does it take until you recieve notice of that? Also, if my interview isn't until after the 28th, does that mean I will not be able to enter until the 2011 apprenticeship?
5/18/10 - 9:51 AM
Ralph Neidert
Congratulations on passing the test. You will be scheduled for an interview in about two weeks. You do not have to be interviewed prior to the 28th to qualify for the class this year, you only need to have completed your application and be scheduled for the test prior to the 28th.
5/21/10 - 9:18 AM
Is it too late to apply and still get tested before the 28th?
5/21/10 - 12:20 PM
Ralph Neidert
it is not too late, but I suggest you get here asap.

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