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6/19/10 - 2:22 PM
Just curious as to when the on-line tutoring was going to start? We were told in class that it was going to start this past week.
6/21/10 - 5:58 AM
Ralph Neidert
It did start this past week.
6/21/10 - 4:21 PM
How do we access, reply/post questions to the instructors?
6/22/10 - 6:49 AM
Ralph Neidert
The easiest way to access instructors is through email, since they don't always check this site. You can email any instructor by using their first initial and last name @jatc26.org.
6/22/10 - 9:49 AM
Sean Myers
To log into the virtual classroom you'll need a specific link that should have been in the memo you received here at the school. Replying to and posting questions to the instructor during the session can be done using the "chat" feature (text based) or verbally assuming you have a webcam and microphone. Check with your instructor for the details if you misplaced or never received the flyer.
Hope that helps

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