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s it required to go through the Residential Training?

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9/29/10 - 1:01 PM
I've read most of the posts and it seems that the Residential Training Program is recommended. Is it a requirement to get an apprenticeship or is it all but a requirement? If not, what can increase my chances of gaining an apprenticeship on the first try?
9/29/10 - 1:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
The residential program is not a requirement, but if you were to go to work as a residential trainee, it would give you a chance to see if you like this type of work (it's not for everyone), and it would also give you the opportunity to have your foreman write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.
Ultimately, the first thing you need to do is fill out an application and pass the test, once you have a passing grade in Algebra.

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