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12/6/10 - 1:58 PM
Hi, would an indentured apprentice ever be layed-off due to a lack of work?
12/6/10 - 2:23 PM
Ralph Neidert
It is possible for anyone to be layed-off. If you find a job that is recession proof, let me know. We currently have all of the indentured apprentices working, but there is never a guarantee.
12/7/10 - 9:26 AM
Of course no one can foresee the future, but in your opinion and years in the trade, do you see solid work for future?
12/7/10 - 10:02 AM
Ralph Neidert
All of our apprentices are currently working full time. I can't remember a time in recent history that we had apprentices unemployed. I would like to think that we have turned the corner on the economic downturn, but only time will tell.

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