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What benefits are available with the Inside Wireman "A" program?

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1/1/11 - 10:22 PM
Lee B.
Hello, I am wondering what benefits, if any, such as insurance would be accessible to somebody who is in the Inside Wireman "A" program. Also, if it is available, would there be a way to get coverage for my wife and child?
1/2/11 - 10:44 AM
Ralph Neidert
Family medical coverage, including major medical, eye care, and dental care are available to all apprentices that work the required hours, typically around 3 months. Once you have worked the required hours you need to submit the proper documents to Health and Welfare to prove your dependents.
1/8/11 - 7:52 AM
f erdinand smith
out of work how can get covered for my family
1/11/11 - 6:39 AM
Ralph Neidert
Do you have a training assignment number? If not, stop by and register at the JATC. Once you go to work your benefits will begin in approx 3 months.

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