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1/9/11 - 8:39 PM
I had my interview in December, do you have an estimated timeframe as to when I would receive a 2nd interview or acceptance/denial letter?
Thank you.
1/10/11 - 6:42 AM
Ralph Neidert
The total process takes time. The final acceptance decision will not be made until mid to late summer. Apprenticeship classes begin in August. We do not have 2nd interviews. If you are not currently working you can come by the JATC facility in Lanham and get a number so you can begin working while you wait for a decision.
1/10/11 - 2:39 PM
HI Jeremy, How was the interview was it difficult or easy? I have one coming up soon.
1/10/11 - 6:45 PM
Ralph-Thank you for the information.
Andre-Its a quick interview, nothing too painful.
1/11/11 - 3:48 AM
Hi, my question is about scheduling my next interview.
I did send two weeks ago, a letter for revaluating my candidature about the "A" program.
I did explain why it is the best education for me and i did meet the requirements to get my situation resolved.
since then, i did not receive any note from the Local, the Students' Administration!
Thank you very for taking a time to respond and i wish You Guys a wonderful day!
1/11/11 - 10:49 AM
Thanks Jeremy.
1/12/11 - 11:07 AM
Ralph Neidert
Call 301-429-2575. Lori will be able to answer all of your questions.
1/13/11 - 4:19 AM
Thank you very much, Ralph Neidert for your advice, i did call Lori, and she did provide the answers i need.
I want again to thank you Sir for your prompt response, and wish you Guys, a wonderful, thank you again for working on our behalf.

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