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2/14/11 - 7:41 PM
Hello i just applied earlier today for the wireman program and got a test date, which i will be 18 by then, for march 18th. I was wondering if i applied in time to be selected for the next upcoming class. ALso i was wondering if my many math classes increase my chance of getting accepted since i have no electrical work experience. Thank you
2/16/11 - 6:38 AM
Ralph Neidert
Yes, you made it in time. Good math skills are always a plus. A good place to start is to come in and sign up for a Residential Trainee job assignment. This will help you gain electrical work experience.
2/17/11 - 9:53 PM
Ok thanks. I really can't wait to see if i get accepted since this is my career choice, will signing up for a Residential Trainee job assignment switch me from the wireman program to the residential? or is the jobs just strictly for experience gain? IF i can't come in and sign up for a job will that effect my chances?
2/18/11 - 7:17 AM
Ralph Neidert
Signing up for the Residential Training program will not switch you from the Wireman program. I can't predict whether or not not signing up for a Residential assignment will affect your chances. The application process is competitive and having experience prior to the interview may be favorable.
2/18/11 - 11:45 AM
Are there any weekend jobs? it may be hard for me to sign up and get there unless it's on a weekend since i'm still in school
2/18/11 - 12:00 PM
Ralph Neidert
Are you still in High School? If so, you won't need to get a job until after graduation. Once you graduate come in and sign up for a Residential Training assignment.
2/18/11 - 1:55 PM
Yes sir i am, but this is what i want to be doing as soon as i graduate. So i was told to apply since i'll be graduating this year before the selection for classes is made. Hopefully i'll have time to still sign up and get some kind of experience before final selections are made.
2/18/11 - 2:05 PM
Ralph Neidert
It would be a good idea to apply, take the aptitude test, and if you pass attend the interview prior to graduation, then as soon as you graduate you can begin working in the Residential program until the selections are made. Good Luck!
2/18/11 - 2:13 PM
That sounds like a plan! hopefully when i make it to the interview i would be able to explain how i would be trying to gain experience through residential training. Around roughly when are selections for the Inside Wireman program chosen? So i can have a timeframe of how long i'll be doing residential training
2/18/11 - 2:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
Selections are usually made mid-summer.

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