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3/9/11 - 9:38 PM
Mark Taylor
I would love to be an electrician but I have no experience and my situation will not let me go to school. any advice? i really appreciate it.
3/10/11 - 6:40 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can sign-up for the Residential program to get some experience. If you really do love it then hopefully you can adjust your schedule to allow for school in a year or so.
3/10/11 - 9:44 AM
Mark Taylor
How do I sign up?
3/10/11 - 10:18 AM
Sean Myers
You can sign up for an "available to work" number by coming to our lanham offices. Once yor number is called you will be offered a training assignment and classified as an R-1. Also, consider applying for the apprenticeship at the same time. as schooling is done during normal working hours and a successful performance in the class room results in a stpend check that covers wages you lose for going to school.
3/10/11 - 9:05 PM
Is lanham the only office that does this.(I'm in dc)
3/11/11 - 7:35 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can go to the Blair Rd office. It is located close to the Tacoma Metrorail station.
3/11/11 - 9:03 AM
Mark Taylor
ok thank you

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