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Advice for incoming Apprentices

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3/14/11 - 10:37 PM
I am a 3rd year apprentice in the JATC. I’ve learned an enormous amount of information in the past four years. The JATC and LOCAL 26 is a brotherhood filled with knowledgeable teachers, mechanics, foreman and apprentices. The best advice that I can give, for all those that are beginning your careers as apprentice electricians, is take your craft as well as your schooling seriously from day one. Study…Study…Study. Desire to learn everything there is to know and understand that you’ll never know everything there is to know—because the subject matter is so vast. The education that you will be provided is excellent—top notch. Becoming an electrician is a very rewarding and exciting career. Keep this thought in the forefront of your mind, “I want to do my best!” Welcome! And work safely!
3/16/11 - 9:20 AM
Hey Easter, and thanks for the words of encouragement. I recently had my interview, but whats been on my mind is that I don't have any experience. Do you think that this will keep me from getting hired? I'm concerned because I want this carreer badly and I dont want the fact that I dont have any experience to get in the way of them not seeing that I'm a fast learner and hard worker.
3/16/11 - 9:26 PM
A.B., hopefully, you will be accepted into the program. From your post, it sounds like you have the right attitude. Being teachable and having a willingness to learn is invaluable. Most of the time, incoming apprentices do not have any experience. Be a good student. Work hard. Be on time, all of the time. Don't miss days. Good habits like those will make you very successful. You're not only are learning at school, but everyday on the job you are learning new things. Stay excited about what you are doing and you do well. Being an apprentice is not easy, but it is very rewarding if you remain persistent.
3/17/11 - 6:58 AM
Ralph Neidert
That is great advise!
3/18/11 - 3:04 PM
Thanks Easter, I really appreciate the advice. If I do get the apprenticeship they will not regret it. Thanks again.
4/8/11 - 4:01 PM
4/11/11 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
Algebra I
4/12/11 - 7:50 PM
Daniel B
For the Alg 1 part is it hard because I have completed my 1 year of it but Im not too fresh on it. any suggestions?
4/13/11 - 7:00 AM
Ralph Neidert
That's a loaded question. All tests are easy if you know the answers. It is based on Algebra I. No calculators are required or allowed on the test, so it seems that understanding the principals of Algebra is the key.
4/25/11 - 8:56 PM
hi easter, i have a question. i have passed the aptitude exam and i got a letter one month ago saying that i passed the exam and i will have an interview. When do i have the interview? how long did you wait to have the interview? i am emotioned and nervous. I really want to start my classes and work. I really apriciate your help. Thanks

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