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4/5/11 - 2:14 PM
I have applied for the inside wireman program and have a test date scheduled for next week. I am currently working, but not in this field. I am really anxious to get into this and make a career of it.
Should I start looking at going into the training while my application and test results are pending??? Thanks everybody!
4/5/11 - 2:22 PM
Ralph Neidert
If you have chosen this field as your career, then you should definitely come in and get a "Training Assignment Number". It's always a good idea to get some experience prior to the interview process.
4/5/11 - 2:26 PM
Thank you! Do I decide which of the 3 assignments I want to take a number for (i.e inside wireman)

Where would I find information on the wages for the training...or are they a case by case basis depending on the employer?
4/5/11 - 2:31 PM
Ralph Neidert
Look under the "Start Your Career" tab on the left of the page. It gives the wages for each level of the Residential Training program. If you are applying for the Inside Wireman program you would want to get a Training Assignment Number for the Residential program. That way you can start working in the field during the application process.
4/8/11 - 11:20 AM
Do you get vacation time as an apprentice?
4/8/11 - 12:27 PM
Ralph Neidert
Vacation time in the trade is unpaid. You can take time off with proper notification, but it is unpaid. Paid holidays begin in the 2nd year of apprenticeship if you hold a DC apprentice license.

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