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What is the starting wage for an A program apprentice?

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5/17/11 - 2:55 PM
I wanted to know the starting wage for an electrical apprentice. Looking at the start your career page the pay chart starts at 45% completion so what is the rate of pay before you reach that point?
5/17/11 - 3:23 PM
Ralph Neidert
1st period apprentices start at 45% of journeyman scale. The current rate for a journeyman wireman is 39.02, so the starting rate for a 1st period apprentice is 17.56.
5/22/11 - 10:50 AM
Is an apprentice that was classified into 5th period pay rate starting from another apprenticeship entitled to the same in this apprenticeship?
6/10/11 - 3:04 PM
how much is the pay after the raise in june for a first year
6/20/11 - 6:34 AM
Ralph Neidert
A 5th period apprentice is entitled to 5th period pay regardless of where they came from.
6/7/12 - 11:11 AM
What is the pay of a 2nd period apprentice? Does anyone know?
6/7/12 - 1:31 PM
Ralph Neidert
$18.68 in the pocket plus benefits. You can see the wage package at the IBEW Local 26 website.
6/10/12 - 2:45 PM
Is the raise coming up in June different for all classifications? or is it the same amount for all?
6/11/12 - 7:45 AM
Ralph Neidert
I'm not sure what you are asking? There is no contractual raise in June. If you are due an increase as an apprentice or trainee it willl be based on your classification.

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