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5/22/11 - 10:24 AM
What is the acceptance rate for people trying to get into the "A" program? How many peope applied and how many people were accepted for the last couple classes?
5/25/11 - 3:39 PM
Ralph Neidert
We get hundreds or thousands of applications per year. We have accepted approximately 200 each of the past two years.
5/25/11 - 5:08 PM
How often a month is the aptitude test taken? And what is the average pass percentage at each test date?
5/26/11 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
The test is scheduled on an as needed basis. The pass rate is probably 50%.
5/26/11 - 9:36 AM
I heard that the applicants that are selected for the "A" program are usually selected from a list. Whats the average amount per year that are usually on the list?
5/26/11 - 9:42 AM
Ralph Neidert
The list is comprised of everyone that has completed the application process, such as passing the aptitude test, submitting all required documents, & completing the interview. There is no real average, but I would estimate that between 400 and 500 people meet those requirements.
6/6/11 - 2:51 PM
Any idea on how many inside wireman applicants will be chosen for the apprenticeship this year? Or an estimate?
6/7/11 - 2:48 PM
Ralph Neidert
I do not know. The JATC will make that decision in July.
7/7/11 - 11:04 PM
Does the time that you completed the application such as aptitude test, interviews etc, has anything to do with the time you received an acceptance letter? Or do they select the most qualified applicants first regardless of the time they applied?
7/7/11 - 11:07 PM
I have also been reading the forums and I've been seeing that there are orientation being held at the moment. I'm just wondering how much orientation for this years' class has been held and any idea on how much applicants attend each?

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