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7/7/11 - 4:32 PM
B. Dittman
Unfortunately for me, I did not receive my letter in time to prep for my interview (which was the day I called to ask about my letter, which caused for me to be 2.5 hours late for my interview, which most likely hurt my chances severely so I do not expect any acceptance letter soon) but I have two questions for my own benefit.

1) I really think I blasted the test out of the water and really want to know what grade I got on it... how can I do this? Reason for this is even though my interview day started off bad, I'd like to walk away knowing I tried my best and to try again later on.

2) While at the interview, one of the interviewers stated that I could apply for another program that would give me more experience. (Maybe getting more experience would better my chances next year!)
7/8/11 - 7:16 AM
Ralph Neidert
1) we only say pass or fail and not the actual score of the test.
2) the other program is the residential program. You can come by and sign up to get a number so that you can be placed with a contractor when your number comes up.

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