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Re. coursework as a prerequisite to "A" program.

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7/26/11 - 11:48 PM
Would a certificate from a school such a TESST be helpful in getting accepted to the apprenticeship program? It's too late to get in this year's program but for future reference I thought I'd ask. The year-long, full-time program is $19,000 so it's not something that I can easily do unless it would be a big plus.
7/27/11 - 7:07 AM
Ralph Neidert
There are no prerequisites required to apply for the apprenticeship program. Your best course would be to come in and fill out an application and pay to take the aptitude test. While you are waiting during the process put your name on the "residential available to work list" so you can be assigned a number and begin working as a trainee. Experience, like you will gain from working as a trainee, will definitely help during the selection process for next year's class.

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