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7/27/11 - 2:45 PM
Anybody received anything this week yet?? I'm still waiting.
8/4/11 - 12:02 PM
When will the last letters be sent?
8/5/11 - 12:08 AM
Is there a final date that I'm suppose to receive something?? I haven't heard any word yet.
8/11/11 - 9:21 AM
Sean Myers
There is no last date by which you will receive notice. You will receive notice one way or the other in the very near future
8/12/11 - 9:14 AM
Will there be any more orientation sessions in the near future? I have yet to receive a letter and after calling I was told to wait out this week. If nothing comes then I'm suppose to call this Monday. I just don't want to lose on a chance of getting accepted this year because the letter got lost in the mail.

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