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8/3/11 - 4:04 PM
I am wondering if you received credits for high school algebra in two parts during middle school will this still qualify. Also if you have half a credit in high school, do they take that into consideration. Any information would be helpful.
8/4/11 - 5:17 PM
Ralph Neidert
You must have 1 credit in Algebra prior to graduation.
8/6/11 - 1:46 AM
Ok this doesn't really answer the question. Does it matter what grade level your algebra was taken in prior to graduation? Or if it was taken in two parts instead of one?
8/11/11 - 9:28 AM
Sean Myers
You must be able to prove a passing grade in Algebra 1. It makes no difference how the course was delivered as long as it is listed on your transcript.
8/11/11 - 10:40 PM
Thank you shawn.

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