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8/13/11 - 7:23 PM
Hagerstown community college is going to be offering NABCEP level 2 certification soon. They are in the process of building a house for the installs. HCC was recently awarded a 1.8 million dollar grant from the department of labor for the alternitive energy program.
8/25/11 - 3:16 PM
Sean Myers
Interesting news. I assume that by "level 2" you mean full Photovoltaic Installer level? Keep in mind that in order to be eligible to take the "level 2" certification exam an individual must have 2 installs to thier credit within the previous two years. To my knowledge, at most, only one of those builds can be lab based or proctored. So I'm guessing the course at HCC will be more of a prep course and not actually result in NABCEP certification. How much will this training opportunity cost at HCC?

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