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12/29/11 - 8:18 PM
I received this letter awhile back saying that I have boot camp class on the 10th which is a Tuesday. Does that mean that the boot camp class will be held every Tuesday night?
1/3/12 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
yes. The classes run for 14 weeks from 5 - 8:00
1/6/12 - 1:46 PM
Does completing the boot camp improve your chances of getting accepted for apprenticeship in any way? Or is it just a requirement for a trainee worker?
1/9/12 - 6:32 AM
Ralph Neidert
Taking classes always improves your chances at the interview.
2/6/12 - 3:28 PM
Do you get paid while attending the boot camp courses
2/7/12 - 7:32 AM
Ralph Neidert
2/25/12 - 9:45 PM
When does the next boot camp start? And what are procedures to start the boot camp?
2/27/12 - 6:34 AM
Ralph Neidert
There will be a Boot Camp class for new incoming apprentices beginning around late July. If you are interested in attending Boot Camp classes as a Residential Trainee, the next class will begin in September.
2/27/12 - 5:34 PM
Okay thank you.
4/18/12 - 1:56 PM
So I called the office earlier to ask about my boot camp score and was told that I passed and that I will be receiving a certificate in about 2 weeks. Since I have a second apprentice interview coming I was wondering how I should use the certificate. Should I take it to the interview with me or take it to the apprenticeship office prior to the interview or is it already on file that I completed the class for the interviewers to see?

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