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1/18/12 - 4:22 PM
I am a high school student, 17, about to graduate in June. I am wondering how do I apply to get a job for metro or internship soon as I graduate. What are the qualifications and what do I need ?
1/19/12 - 6:43 AM
Ralph Neidert
Go to the "Start Your Career" tab on the front page of this website. Once there select "program Overview". Then fill out an application and get scheduled for the aptitude test.
4/4/12 - 1:51 PM
jacques louis nsoa
I'm electromechanicien for formation 25yeas experienc wat is me status
4/5/12 - 7:49 AM
Ralph Neidert
Bring any and all documentation by for evaluation. With 25 years experience you probably want to contact an organizer with Local 26.

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