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4/28/12 - 8:48 PM
LaVina C
I'm currently on the Residential Training program list and my number is coming up soon. Once my number is called and there is a listing for my classification, do I need to bring anything with me to the training center that day?
4/30/12 - 6:31 AM
Ralph Neidert
you should bring your personal credentials, such as govt. issued photo ID and SS card.
5/1/12 - 1:40 PM
1.If you are in the "R" program do you still have classes to take?

2.Are you a "helper" or an 'apprentice" in the "R" program?

3.Are these classes, if there are any paid for or do I pay for them OR do I get paid for them?
5/1/12 - 2:19 PM
What does a person do when their job number is in the top 10 position?
5/1/12 - 2:32 PM
Ralph Neidert
If there is a job call for your classification you must be present at the training office.
5/1/12 - 2:37 PM
Ralph Neidert
1. If you are in the R program you are encouraged to take classes.
2. Neither. You are considered a trainee.
3. Classes cost $25, but that includes the costs of the books.
5/8/13 - 7:03 PM
How are you doing Mr. Ralph I go to northpoint in Mr. Gascon class and I'm wanting to get into the R program. How should I go about that
5/9/13 - 12:54 PM
Ralph Neidert
Come by our training center and fill out an application. The sooner you do that the sooner we can place you with an employer. See Mr. Roe when you get here. Bring two forms of ID (one of them must be a govt. issued photo ID)

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