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6/20/12 - 6:14 PM
Just wondering when the notice are going to be sent out about acceptance into the apprenticeship program. I took my test in March and had an interview in April. Will I notified one way or the other? Thanks
7/3/12 - 7:42 AM
Ralph Neidert
The final decisions will be made in late July.
7/23/12 - 9:44 PM
I have an apprentice orientation coming up in August so I was just wondering that if everything goes well, when could I start working as an apprentice if I'm not currently employed?
7/25/12 - 1:08 PM
Ralph Neidert
You will begin working within a few days of your orientation.
7/25/12 - 6:03 PM
Is the job 9-5pm or 6-2 and I am not talking overtime
7/26/12 - 7:02 AM
Ralph Neidert
Most jobs work from 6-2:30 or 6:30-3, although sometimes other hours are required based on the needs of the job.
7/26/12 - 7:43 AM
All letters sent out already
7/26/12 - 7:56 AM
Ralph Neidert
The letters are being mailed out now.
7/26/12 - 2:23 PM
patiently waiting
I have been waiting at the mailbox everyday.. I want this so badly. I hope i got in i need this for my family
7/26/12 - 2:40 PM
Is it too late to apply for the apprenticeship program for this year?

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