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7/26/12 - 2:48 PM
Ralph Neidert
Good luck!
7/26/12 - 2:49 PM
Ralph Neidert
We accept applications on a daily basis. If you complete an application now, you are applying for the class that will begin in 2013.
7/27/12 - 3:11 PM
Hey Ralph I'm a current student with test college and i'm looking to start your program asap do you think its possible?
7/27/12 - 3:12 PM
When can we expect to stop looking in the mail box?
7/27/12 - 6:38 PM
patiently waiting to get accepted
rick yes the closing ended memorial day.. i believe you can apply for 2013 though. sorry :(
7/30/12 - 7:10 AM
Ralph Neidert
Come by and fill out an application. The apprenticeship program accepts applications daily from 7:30 - 3:00.
7/30/12 - 7:11 AM
Ralph Neidert
You will receive a letter either way.

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