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7/10/12 - 7:39 PM
Any updates on the apprenticeship acceptance for this years class? I am not accepted will I receive a letter saying that i didnt get in?
Appreciate your help.
7/11/12 - 9:49 AM
Ralph Neidert
the final selection has not been made as of this date. We will notify you either way.
7/11/12 - 3:00 PM
I know decisions are being made at the end of this month but are they making rolling decisions? Like are the decisions be staggered, maybe some people will get acceptance or denial letters before then.
7/11/12 - 3:05 PM
Ralph Neidert
No one gets a rejection letter until the final decision has been made. some people have received acceptance letters. The final decision will be made in late July.
7/18/12 - 4:08 PM
Has the final decision been made yet?
7/20/12 - 11:14 AM
Do know how many people have been accepted yet? And how many groups there are, how many gtoups have been accepted? How many people still waiting? Did they start working yet?
7/20/12 - 12:09 PM
Ralph Neidert
The selection and/or rejection letters will be sent out very soon. Watch your mail. There are not groups.
7/20/12 - 12:10 PM
Ralph Neidert
The JATC has made their final selection and the applicants will all be notified as to their decision.
7/20/12 - 9:07 PM
So we can all call Monday and find out before we get the letter on the mail?
I really can't wait to find out I've been waiting for so long, Thanks.
7/23/12 - 6:25 AM
Ralph Neidert
You will be notified. Do not call to ask.

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