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8/2/12 - 7:04 AM
When are the orientations? Haven't received a letter so is it saw to say those who were accepted have already been notified.
8/2/12 - 7:18 AM
Ralph Neidert
If you were accepted into this year's class you will receive a letter for orientation. If you were accepted and haven't received an orientation letter, you should receive one very soon.
8/2/12 - 7:42 AM
Is the acceptance and orientation letter the same? The last batch of letters included both acceptance and denial letters.

Thanks Ralph, you are awesome on this board.
8/2/12 - 7:55 AM
Ralph Neidert
No, they are separate letters. Once accepted into this year's class, the new apprentices will be notified in writing as to when there orientation/first day of class is.
8/2/12 - 7:57 AM
One last question, I promise - The last letters that went out Tuesday, did they include both acceptance and denial letters?
8/2/12 - 7:59 AM
Ralph Neidert
To be honest I am not sure what they included. Since the final decision was recently made by the JATC, I would assume that both were included.
8/2/12 - 8:10 AM
Thanks a million! :)
8/4/12 - 1:50 AM
just wondering, when is the 2nd orientation?
thank you Ralph.
8/13/12 - 7:45 AM
Ralph Neidert
There are multiple 2nd orientations. You will be notified by mail.

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