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Sequence of events after test date.

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8/6/12 - 10:47 AM
Good morning, I take my aptitude test on August 20th. How long does it take to get the results back? Will an interview be set up after that? I am just curious about the process and how long it takes. Thanks.
8/13/12 - 7:50 AM
Ralph Neidert
It usually takes two weeks for us to receive the results of your aptitude test. You are applying for the class that begins in August 2013, so the interview may be a few months out and final decisions won't be made for that class until July 2013.
4/3/13 - 6:15 AM
I also took my test on March 19th and should be expecting the results any day now via mail. If I have passed the aptitude test for the classes that start on August; is there a way to work as an intern with your job sites before the classes begin? What advice can you give me.
4/3/13 - 6:17 AM
I just wanted to know if I do actually pass the aptitude exam; is there a chance to work as an intern prior to the classes that begin on August. I would appreciate any given advice from your experiences.

Thanks a Bunch,
4/19/13 - 7:16 AM
Ralph Neidert
We do not offer intern positions, but we do have a classification of Residential Trainee. You can stop by one of our offices and sign up for a number to be assigned to an employer.

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