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I received my acceptance letter.

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8/13/12 - 1:50 PM
My orientation is for August 24th. When does the program actually start and when should I give my current employer my two week notice.
8/13/12 - 2:07 PM
Ralph Neidert
By the date that you provided, I assume that you are a Telecommunications Apprentice. The topic of when to give your two weeks notice will be discussed at orientation. Classes for Telecom apprentices begin on September 6th.
8/13/12 - 2:24 PM
Thank you. If classes being Sept. 6th, that won't give me enough time for two weeks from Aug, 24th (orientation date). It doesn't have to be two weeks but I would like it to be two weeks. The classes are in the daytime correct?
8/13/12 - 2:44 PM
Ralph Neidert
Yes, the classes are once every two weeks from 7:00 - 3:30.
8/13/12 - 2:56 PM
One last question - So as of September 6th, I will be an apprentice so my last day should at least be September 5th at my current place of employment? From that day forward, I may assigned a contractor?
9/11/12 - 3:08 PM
Ralph Neidert
sorry for the delay. YES!

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