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9/26/12 - 1:17 PM
I talk the text on august 24 2012 and on the and on sept 1st i received my letter that i pass and 2weeks later i was shedule for interview for sept 20 at 11:45. that i have completed.I want to know how long it talks for Decision to be made and when to expect starting if selected.
9/26/12 - 2:06 PM
Ralph Neidert
The final selections will be made in July of 2013. You may be selected before then, but the final decisions won't be made until then. Classes will begin in August of 2013. If you are not currently working through our training program I would like to suggest that you come by and get an available to work number so that you can be assigned to an employer as a trainee.
9/28/12 - 12:43 PM
once you are selected,does it mean you get asigned to a contractor,before class start.or you have to wait till august.how do this go once selected?
9/28/12 - 1:15 PM
Ralph Neidert
Once you are selected you will be placed with a contractor.
9/28/12 - 2:17 PM
Thanks raplh,
But when does the orientation come in,before class or once selected.
9/28/12 - 2:33 PM
Ralph Neidert
If you are selected you will come in for orientation, prior to going to work.
10/9/12 - 1:10 PM
Thank Ralph.
One Quick question,from you experience how long does it take for decision to be made..like time fram. after the interview. and if my number was not called in the avialable to work program.What do you think i should do from your stand point.
10/9/12 - 3:41 PM
Ralph Neidert
There is no set time frame. Selections happen on an as needed basis, with the final selection being made in July. If your number hasn't came up yet, keep checking. It is your responsibility to re-sign every month by the 25th to maintain your place on the list. Your number will eventually work its way to the top.

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