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10/14/12 - 3:30 PM
I receieved my rejection letter about 2 months ago, this past Friday I was mailed a letter from the NJATC stating that I was now accepted! I'm really happy about this and just wanted to see how often this happens? And maybe give some hope for people that have been rejected already.
10/15/12 - 6:14 AM
Ralph Neidert
This is the first time that I have seen something like this. Hopefully, it is a sign that the economy has turned for the better. Congratulations!
10/15/12 - 3:06 PM
if you are taking bootcamp right now and got the letter of acceptance do i still finish out the class.
10/15/12 - 3:39 PM
Ralph Neidert
Yes. Obtaining a passing score for Boot Camp is a prerequisite.
10/20/12 - 8:32 PM
Does the same go for R-1 school?
10/21/12 - 9:28 PM
Would I still need to attend R-1 school?
10/22/12 - 6:22 AM
Ralph Neidert
Once you have been accepted into the apprenticeship you do not have to complete R1 classes. I would recommend staying in class until you have completed orientation, just in case.

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