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10/26/12 - 5:04 PM
Been working as an R1 since May, got laid off today. Not sure what my next move should be. I got my job through a friend of the family, so I never went through the list process. Do I need to call or visit the hall to get on the hiring list and once I'm on the list, will someone call when work is available? Thanks for your help.
10/29/12 - 7:45 AM
Ralph Neidert
You need to come in and sign the list. They will give you a complete list of instructions that outline the procedure for maintaining your place on the list, as well as the process of getting a new assignment.
10/31/12 - 6:57 PM
Well, just when I thought things couldn't get worse. Went to the hall today to sign the list and figure out what to do next. Come to find out, the Co. I was working for told me when I was hired, don't worry, we'll take care of notifying the union. (My fault for not following up, lesson learned). Well, seems they never called anyone and according to the local, I don't have any hours credited, as far as they're concerned I haven't been working. I have my Notice of Termination stating I worked for unnamed Co. from May 2 until October 26. I also have paycheck stubs available and I would hope to be able to get proof from the Co. payroll dept. Is there someone I can call or see at the hall or with JATC to try to straighten this mess out and get my hours credited?? I should be close to 1000 hours and moving up to R2. Thanks for your help.
11/1/12 - 6:39 AM
Ralph Neidert
You need to speak with Mr. Roe.
11/1/12 - 6:39 PM
Big Willy
Hello everyone.

I am interested in becoming a outside lineman and I.can't seem to find any info on here. Why is that? Are they classified under commercial or what is the deal with the apprenticeship and wages?

11/2/12 - 7:12 AM
Ralph Neidert
We are an Inside Wireman local union. We do not offer Outside Lineman training.
11/8/12 - 10:03 PM
A residential trainee job is permanent?
11/9/12 - 7:17 AM
Ralph Neidert
I'm not sure what you mean by permanent. This is electrical construction. When a job is complete you may be laid off. If you are laid off you come to the office and can get reassigned to another employer if work is available.

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