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12/1/12 - 8:32 PM
Dion Hancock
I had my interview in september and was given an available to work number.Does me doing training assignments effect my chances of being accepted into the apprenticeship and when will I be notified if I am accepted?
12/3/12 - 6:19 AM
Ralph Neidert
Since you have already interviewed, working as a trainee will not have an effect on your selection this year. The final selections will be made in July.
12/3/12 - 8:22 AM
Okay thank you, And my car was recently totaled and i will be without a vehicle for while and my work number just got in the top ten.Is there a possibility that my job site will be metro accessible?
12/3/12 - 8:44 AM
I would like to know ASAP because i really need this work.
12/22/12 - 7:31 PM
If I am already become Electrical apprentice it there any days that Iam going to be laid off, or just always working through my entire apprenticeship period?
12/31/12 - 6:41 AM
Ralph Neidert
This is construction. There is no way to guarantee full employment. Our apprentice have been fortunate recently, and all have been employed.

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