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What can i do to be prepared for the program prior to the interview and after??

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12/28/12 - 12:05 PM
I applied for the I took my test yesterday and believe I did well. At this point I understand i have to wait for the acceptance letter. Assuming everything goes well, about how long would you say the process takes (to interview and actually know when im am accepted)? and is there anything i can do in the mean time to better prepare myself for the interview and the course period. Are there any books i can get, training classes that you offer? Anything I can do that will help me get higher on the list at the time of my interview?
1/17/13 - 1:22 PM
Ralph Neidert
Once you pass the aptitude test you will be scheduled for an interview. The final selection for this year's class won't be made until July. You can get a number for the Residential Trainee program so that you can go to work while you are waiting.

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