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Seems I interviewed for the one that doesn't has any work available.

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1/5/13 - 2:38 PM
Like all of you I applied, tested and interviewed. I thought I was going for inside wireman, but instead I was signed up for the residential program. Now, this wouldn't be a bad thing if there was work available for it. Turns out my ranking was #1 because I'm the only one in it. So I have a few questions for the forum to get me headed in the right direction this time.

"I want to start working as soon as possible. Which program is the easiest or at least fastest to get into?"

"Which one is most in demand AFTER training?"

"Anybody here from Portland? Things better down there or up here in Washington?"

"What should I do to convince someone to hire me even though I don't have experience so I can GET experience?"

Thanks in advance everyone.
1/17/13 - 1:27 PM
Ralph Neidert
I'm not sure I understand your question. If you tested and were interviewed you would have had to apply for the inside program. We do not test and interview for the Residential Trainee program. If you want to go out to work as a Residential Trainee you can get a number and wait your turn. Of course to go out to work as a Residential Trainee you would first have to live in the greater Washington DC area.

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