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Wondering about class sizes

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1/23/13 - 1:58 PM
Does anyone know the class size for the low sound and energy classes?
1/23/13 - 2:05 PM
Ralph Neidert
are you referring to the Telecom classes?
4/6/13 - 8:29 AM
Does the NJATC have any priority for DC resident, in order to be apprentice?
4/8/13 - 7:54 AM
Ralph Neidert
Contact the District of Columbia Apprenticeship Council. They should be able to assist you and answer your questions.
Office of Apprenticeship Information and Training
Contact Email:
does@dc.govContact Phone:
(202) 698-5099
4/8/13 - 11:14 PM
Solomon Ratie
Dear/Madam,i am very intersting to attend a class. please call me @any time, my number is 202-607-5362 Thank you
4/9/13 - 6:37 AM
Ralph Neidert
classes will begin in September. Call 301-429-2575 for more information.

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