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1/31/13 - 3:42 PM
First question I recieved that I passed the test in the mail I was wondering how long will it be until my interview.

Second question I have an engineer degree does that help my rank for getting accepted and moving forward.
1/31/13 - 3:56 PM
Ralph Neidert
1st - you should hear something within a couple weeks.
2nd - no it does not.
1/31/13 - 5:02 PM
Another question has there been a time in the program where a apprentice was out of woek because the economy and if so how often does that happens.
1/31/13 - 8:03 PM
Ralph Neidert
We have managed to keep all of our apprentices working, but there is no guarentee that will always be the case. If you ever find a guarenteed job, let me know!

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