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3/16/13 - 4:11 PM
Im trying to find out where I need to go to get my apprentice license so i can get paid holidays, is it at lanham?
3/19/13 - 6:38 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can contact any instructor and they should be able to get it for you.
3/19/13 - 11:28 AM
I'm having difficulty finding a master electrician from my contractor to sign it for me. Is there any other way it can be done.
3/25/13 - 3:18 PM
Ralph Neidert
Kevin Burton spoke with a person at Pearson Vue and they told her that they would only accept applications with a signature from a DC master electrician. If your company does not sign it, but another master electrician that works for your company will they will accept that. Applications without a DC master signature will not be accepted.
3/25/13 - 3:38 PM
Ralph Neidert
who do you work for?
4/22/13 - 11:14 AM
4/22/13 - 12:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
I will look into it.
4/22/13 - 3:27 PM
Thank You.
4/23/13 - 6:54 AM
Ralph Neidert
Please call me at 301-429-2564

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