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4/8/13 - 8:24 PM
I received a letter in the mail stating that i passed the aptitude exam that i took about 3 weeks ago in Manassas. I went ahead and got a copy of my college records per requested and am waiting on my letter of recommendations.
Do I just go in the office and hand them my paperwork and transcripts that were requested per the letter that was sent?
Also I want to start working before having the chance of attending any apprenticeship classes. Is this possible and how do i go about it?
Thanks for your time
4/9/13 - 6:35 AM
Ralph Neidert
Congratulations. Bring the documents to the JATC office. While you are here get a number for the Residential Trainee program. This will allow you to be assigned to an employer while you wait for the interview.

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