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4/17/13 - 9:44 AM
I recieved a letter on April 2, 2013 stating that I passed the test. I have yet to recieve a letter telling me when my interview date is. Who may I contact to find out?
4/17/13 - 10:39 AM
Ralph Neidert
You will be notified of your interview date once it is scheduled. If you don't hear from the JATC in a couple weeks call 301-429-2575.
4/24/13 - 11:08 PM
Kishor Gautam
i had the interview on april 4th and waiting for the final decesion of commitee,when shall i expect the decesion?will i be notify in either cases or only if selected?
4/25/13 - 6:29 AM
Ralph Neidert
The JATC will notify you either way. The final selection will be in July, so be patient. Good Luck.
4/25/13 - 1:38 PM
John Leasure
I'm in the same boat as Will. I have received the passing grade letter on the 2nd of April but haven't heard any news about the interview date yet. Should I be worried that the letter was lost and I've missed the interview?
4/29/13 - 6:41 AM
Ralph Neidert
Be patient, these things take time. If you want you can call 301-429-2575 to verify.

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