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5/2/13 - 1:53 PM
E. Odum
Dear Mr. Ralph Neidert,

I have been through the entire process, application, test, and interview. My question is pertaining to the remaning steps in the process. As it has been stated, letters of acceptance begin to come out in June, and classes start in September. What happens within that three month span?

If hypothetically one recieved a letter on June 12th, approximately when could one expect to begin compensated work and training?

In advance thank you for your time
5/2/13 - 2:07 PM
Ralph Neidert
I will do my best to explain it here, but there are several possibilities. If you are accepted you can expect to be brought in to Phase I orientation in August and assigned to an employer. Evening Boot Camp classes will begin in August and the actual apprenticeship classes will begin in September. There is a possibility that you may actually be called sooner than that depending on our job needs, but worst case is that, if accepted to this year's class, you will begin working and classes in August.

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